1, Study Load


Students may earn up to 15-16 credit hours each semester in order to complete a degree in two years (M.B.S.) or three years (M.Div.). Students should consider taking required courses first then the electives in a semester. Students who take 12 or more credit hours are considered as full-time students and eligible to enroll in Piano class.


2,  Attendance Requirement


Since attending the class is crucial for the academic pursuit, students are asked to have full attendance of every course taken. However, students are allowed to be absent from the class up to two sessions in case of illness or other reasonable causes. If an absence is anticipated, the student needs to inform the professor at his/her earliest convenience and turn in a request form to the school office. For absence more than 3 days due to illness, evidence from the physician is needed.


3, Adding, Droping and Auditing Courses


Students may add or drop courses within the first two weeks of each term after obtaining approval from the Registrar. The change will not show in the transcript. If the student drops the course after the first two weeks, the transcript will indicate the change. Auditing classes are only available to students who have already taken and received a grade for the class. OTS graduates are welcome to audit classes except Piano class.


4, Extension of Course


Under certain circumstances, students may apply for extra time to complete a coursework. Upon the approval of the instructor and the Academic Dean, the student may be given an extension up to 4 weeks.


5, Grading


A = work of exceptional quality

B = work of good quality

C = work of acceptable or average quality

D = work of minimal but passing quality

F = work of unacceptable quality



    99-100        A+        4.0

    94-98          A          4.0

    91-93          A-         3.7

    87-90          B+        3.3

    84-86          B          3.0

    81-83          B-         2.7

    77-80          C+        2.3

    74-76          C          2.0

    71-73          C-         1.7

    67-70          D+        1.3

    64-66          D          1.0

    61-63          D-         0.7

    60-              F          0.0


6, Transfer of Credits


After studying for one semester, students may apply for credit transfer from another school. The number of credit units allowable for transfer depends on the nature and the grades of the courses.


7,Field Education


Field-bases education can help students assess and develop Christian characters, acquire and refine ministry knowledge and skills. Students before graduation are required to enroll in an internship with a local church and have a minimum of 240 hours (M.Div.) or 160 hours (M.B.S.) of total involvement. At internship by his or her ministry mentor(s).


8, Graduation


Students who expect to graduate should submit the Application for Graduation Form in the beginning of his or her last semester of coursework. The examination committee will then evaluate the student's status based on the following graduation requirements:

1, He/She has shown continued dedication to the work of the Lord.

2, He/She upholds evangelical belief, and has a genuine Christian character and personal conduct consistent with Biblical principles.

3, He/She has complete all coursework and is in good academic standing with GPA of 2.5 or more.

4, He/She has settled all financial obligations.


9, Causes for Dismissal or Expulsion


Academic incompetence, character / conduct inconsistent with  Biblical principles and ethical violations are grounds for dismissal or expulsion.


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